This is Newquay – Welcome :)

Welcome world to Newquay, Newquay, Newquay - a resort so good they named it thrice! This is Newquay, Cornwall's favourite seaside resort. Visit Newquay for a holiday and a host of entertainment and adventures will be on your doorstep.

In Newquay you can get immersed in water sports or feel the sand between your toes during exciting beach based  activities. Stretch your legs along strands of sand on numerous Newquay beaches, or take a cliff top walk, the Cornish way, to drink in the beauty of this popular North Cornwall seaside resort. Diverse Newquay attractions that dot the town will entertain, engage and enlighten but if this all sounds too energetic for your well-deserved holiday in Newquay, there are plenty of quiet spots to chill and unwind.

Newquay is not just a beach but a way of life for all to share - whatever your age or interests. Please visit Newquay soon and have some fun - you know you want to!

www.thisisnewquay.com is still a work in progress. Please enjoy the randomness of the pages until all is sorted. For more up-to-date snippets of news of Newquay please go to our This is Newquay fb page.

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