Natty Surf Jam, Fistral Beach, April 1

Message from Graham Cullis on March 24 regarding Natty Surf Jam to be held at Fistral Beach on Saturday, April 1, 2017. “Things have been moving with great momentum and we have received an overwhelming amount of support for the cause! One of our main goals was to pull the local community together in our mission to raise awareness of mental health illnesses and the current lack of support and care for young people in Cornwall.

“Through our promotions both physically and online we have seen that this goal has for sure been achieved. We sold out the entire event one month before it was due to take place! We had to double the amount of participants for the men’s longboard open from 16 to 32 one week after opening the entry portal The Whiskers music evening is full to the brim now and our only problem is that it was not a big enough venue to hold the amount of demand for tickets, we are constantly being asked if more tickets are available.

“We have had a huge amount of sponsorship by so many local businesses donating amazing prizes, financial gifts, advertisements and shares through their social media’s, please take a look at the attached poster to name a few. We set up a just giving page with a modest target of £600 to help with costs of the event and so far £1000 has been donated into this. Plus we have received about another £500 cash donations so far.

“We have had great help from a few local organisations such as Newquay BID donating £200 and their services, £100 from Joe way Paddle For Life and the Newquay Rotary Club donated £250 to the cause just yesterday.

“We have had an amazing response from the local media the press has been great so far. We have had some really nice articles published and radio interviews broadcasted. Also a local MP has been in touch about the event and his people will be coming to spectate the event as they share a common goal.

“It’s been a truly humbling journey organising this event so far and we are so proud of how our community have got on board! It has opened our eyes to just how important this campaign is and how many people this strikes a chord in.

“So we now are asking for your help to promote and spread news of the day’s events at Fistral beach. This day is a completely free and we want as many people to come down and take advantage of the fun activities and to get to know and receive information about all the charities that will be present to discuss resources and avenues to go down for appropriate care of mental health.

“Also we are holding a volunteer meeting at Fistral Beach Bar Wednesday, March 29 at 6.30pm open to anyone who wants to come and help out on the day.

“Below we have outlined what to expect at the beach and information of the event if you were currently unaware of what it is all about. Also here are a couple of links to video edits we have shared. One of which has had over 13000 views so far and 155 shares!”

“Here is a link to our recently created Facebook page, event page and our just giving page”