Autumn in Newquay

Wow, autumn in Newquay what could be better?

Autumn in Newquay is a special time for visitors and locals. The hurley burley days of summer, with all its excitement, gradually fade into a time of mists and mellow fruitfulness which makes September, October and November wonderful months to visit Newquay.

There is less bustle on Newquay’s high street and the shops less crowded. Beaches in Newquay appear to have even more sand and Trenance Gardens look gorgeous as the leaves turn from green to a wonderful mixture of reds and yellows before carpeting the ground. Autumn in Newquay can be a most excellent time to unwind. But don’t think, for one minutes, there is nothing to do apart from sauntering along the sands or gazing out to sea, There are still events to excite your imaginations and activities to test your adrenaline levels!!